Artist Statement  

In my most recent years, I have formed an addiction—creating sculpture. 

 Ranging from miniature cast iron houses to 17-foot tall outdoor sculptures, I utilize whatever materials best suits the project at handHowever, considering my appetite for constructing large outdoor artworks, metal is my primary involvement.   

By combining the processes of metal fabrication and fiberglass, I create towering outdoor structures that appear organic and natural in form. I am particularly drawn to the beautiful intricacies of nature and plant life, finding aesthetic inspiration in the repetitive, organic, colorful structures found in nature. Vibrant color is a recurrent characteristic of my art, as it brings life and energy into my work. This vitality resonates with my audience.   

Essentially, sculpture provides me with an expressive outlet and fulfills my inherent desire to connect with people. Interpersonal connections and relationships serve as a repetitive concept in my artwork. I find that through public artworks, I am able to reach a larger audience and make a more significant imprint into society. I feel that art possesses the power to bring people together and I am constantly seeking new and original approaches to interactively involve and engage my audience.